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Zorn Genetics

Historical records of the Zorn family name goes as far back as to the year of 1197. Through a DNA test it is however possible to go even further back in time. As the Zorn lineage as those of most family names are inherited on the male side of the family, it can be traced through a so called “haplotype test” of the Y-DNA on the male Zorns. This test, results in a genetical profile that could provide the answer to "if all Zorns are descendants from the same forefather".

One test that was performed on a Zorn male family member indicates an origin in the gene J2e1 (M102). This gene exists today most frequently in Italy and reaching a peak in the southern Balkan area. The limits of this particular gene is however not restricted to this area but exists also in areas as far away as Pakistan, and India. One intriguing speculation is that perhaps the gene got its eastern expansion with Alexander the Great and the western expansion with Greek colonists and slaves that were taken during the Roman conquest of Macedonia (speculations!!!). 

First when a more comprehensive DNA study on more Zorns have been conducted, it will be possible to determine if they all have the same forefather. There is however a chance that the J2e1 gene links the Zorn family back to  Roman/Italian ancestors that came in a larger scale to the region of Alsace with the Roman conquest of it in the year of 58 BC, or perhaps via trade routes established to towns such as Kempten. It is also interesting to note that this family name has a distinct origin in southern German/French regions such as Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Alsace.

The particular genotype of one Zorn family member (J2e1) is estimated to have arisen about 8000 years ago according to the researcher Semino. As genetically testing becomes more advanced it is likely that it in the near future will be possible to trace the genetic origin of the forefathers of the family name Zorn to  certain regions or villages several thousands years ago!So hopefully we will be able to contribute more info to this section through the participation of more Zorn family member.

Zorn DNA match

According to a DNA test the Zorn DNA had a relatively close match with members of the family names Friedrich and Rothchild. This might however only suggest that we all shared a common ancestor several thousands years ago. The match was made in a comparison with over 70 000 other Y - DNA samples from all over the world.