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Zorn Companies

Zorn family members seems from an early start to have been industrious and starting up companies.  These are just a few examples of companies that family members of the Zorn family started up.


What is it about Zorn's and food? Have a closer look at these websites:

Zorn catereres is a family company consisting of 3 restaurants located on Long Island outside New York.

Palmbreu was started by a Zorn in 1835. They have a brewery with several different types of beers. Perhaps a few of the best beers that you will ever drink?

Zornkonditorei is a big chain of bakeries in the town of Mannheim in Germany. Mmmm delicious pastries.

Weingut is run and was founded by Zorns in a village where almost half of the populations family name is Zorn. The village is called Neuenbürg and the Inn has been around for a couple of hundred years.


More companies

Perhaps Douglas Zorn is one of the most enterprising member of the Zorn  family. He is responsible for having started several high tech companies including:

StarVox Communications Inc

Appiant Technologies


Juzo was founded in Thuringia by Julius Zorn in 1912 and is today a major producer of stockings, compressions and shoes for medical uses. It has offices and productions in Germany, UK and the US.


Zorn Molds Inc is a design, engineering and manufacturing company located in Alabama dedicated to solving manufacturing problems.


Zorn compressor & equipment is working with compressed air and vacuum. It has five locations in Wisconsin.


Zorn Pflanzenschutz is a company located in Austria and works within the agricultural field.


Zorn GmbH & Co develops and produces high precision bulbs. It is located in Stockach in the southwest of Germany.


Zorn - Manfred GmbH produces wooden furnitures in Austria.


Kati Zorn porzellan produces porcelain figures.



Ok this is a little bit farfetched but still... Albertine Zorn married Julius Schürer and two of their daughters Fanny Schürer married to Gustav Vischer who started Mercedes and Eugenie Schürer married to Sigmund Vischer who started BASF. Yes Gustav and Sigmund were brothers so most of the credits for having started these companies goes to the Vischer family...