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Reader Comments


Thank you very much for this amazing website! I have always wondered the history behind my last name.

 Matthew Zorn, Oregon


I will definitely recommend this website to all of my Zorn relatives. Fascinating stuff!

Christina Shannon, Illinois


It would be interesting to find out more if there is a common forefather, like the first historically recorded Zorn, Burcard Riplin 1197 in Strassbourg. The Alsace Zorn could belong to this branch…

Eva Heindel, Bavaria Germany


Great site, just browsing and came across it, my birth name is Kim Patricia Zorn. Daughter of Joseph Michael Zorn, Granddaughter to Joseph Edward Zorn. Thanks for the history

Kim May 

This is a great site you have on the Zorn family history...I am wondering if you might have any information on any Zorns who came to Canada. 
Maria (nee Zorn) DiDanieli


Wow! I was just browsing, and I came across my name, I never knew there were so many of us. That is totally awesome. I am Jennifer Zorn from Houston, daughter of Paul Wayne Zorn!!! Thank for showing the Zornīs!!!



I just thought that I would say that your website is very intesting.

Jennifer lynn Zorn,  Olympia Wa

Thank you for building such a comprehensive website for the Zorn surname. I am a descendant of Anna Maria Zorn, b. 5 December 1833, in   Borsborn, Rhein Pfalz,

Noel Schmidt
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

I stumbled on your website today as I "googled" and found answers to many questions that mulling around from family stories.

Keep up the great work!  I will be using your site in the near future to research further!

Michael Zorn

Nice to see our family history in other countries. In the Netherlands we
have a complete family tree history in a book. This is also very
interesting! Greetings to all Zorn's all over the world.

Senta Zorn, The Netherlands, Rotterdam

I just wanted to tell that there are lots of Zorns in Pittsburgh  Pa and I enjoyed reading about my family name. It was interesting to see.
Thank you !

Rich Zorn, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the wonderful website.  Now I can understand my angry unforgiving side.. 

Tim Zorn, British Columbia, Canada